The media world is currently undergoing a radical change. We’re keeping track for you and provide you with orientation and strategic communication concepts. Take advantage of our excellent contacts to all the major players and our proven sense for the right effort at the perfect time. By the way, confidentiality is an important part of our “standard equipment”.

The owner-operated agency was founded in April 1978 as a full service provider for public relations. Shareholders are Daniela Bühe and Dieter A. Irion.

In Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, the agency is as well connected as in its home market Germany. But we are operating in far more countries. For special assignments, we cooperate with partner agencies and freelancers in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Egypt, Ukraine, Hungary, Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain and Poland.

If need be, we are collaborating with specialists such as TV and movie production, recording studios, or IT specialists. We take on the role of coordinator and / or control center between all the partners and offer all services from a single source.

Our activities focus on:

 Corporate communications

  • Development and implementation of internal and external corporate strategies as well as specific, individual communication through different types of media

Crisis management

  • Fast and precise analysis of the problem
  • Development and implementation of de-escalating communication strategy
  • Measurement of results and monitoring of archives

Arts and culture

  • Development and implementation of communication strategies for museums, exhibitions, playhouses etc.
  • Supply and distribution of content for all communication channels
  • Coordination of all PR activities including monitoring and control of all film and TV productions

Marketing communications

  • Development and implementation of comprehensive communication strategies
  • Monitoring of feedback and results

Public affairs

  • Strategies for communication processes in the current political environment
  • Crisis management

Political consulting

  • Development and implementation of communication strategies for political bodies and institutions in general as well as target-group-oriented communications in particular.

Corporate publishing

  • Target-group-oriented development of communication tools and messages for employees or customers consistent with the strategic targets of the company.
  • Target-group-oriented cross-over-offers with partners in print, film, radio or internet or cross-media-offers in connection with social media like facebook, Twitter and others.
  • Procurement of printing and distribution, implementation of distribution channels and shipping.

Web design

  • Strategic development of web appearances including design, technical implementation and e-commerce solutions.
  • Strategic counseling and internet marketing

The fast and constant change in the media business demands an effective and individualized mode of operation. Salaction public relations warrants that with:

  • Individual communication concepts
  • Individual approach to media
  • Cooperation concepts between clients and media
  • Partner offers media/businesses/host, including sales promotion activities

You want to learn more about us and how we can help you? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at +49 40 22 65 85 or e-mail us at

Your contact person is Daniela Buehe.